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Professional Cleansing Mitts

New travel bags for Professional Cleansing Mitts

During August we are launching a new packaging for our pack of 4 Professional Cleansing Mitts.  The mitts will now come conveniently packaged in a new pouch perfectly designed for travel.  This reusable pouch has a zip fastener and is water resistant so you can store your damp mitts separately to  protect the rest of your luggage.  These useful pouches are smooth and soft to the touch, durable, non toxic and easy to clean.

Not to forget the fantastic mitts inside!  These double sided mitts provide a really professional finish to cleansing with Ultimate Cleanse.  Cleverly designed to slot over your fingers for ease of use with a sponge layer in the middle of the cloth to help retain the heat of the water to give you that wonderful sensation of having a facial.

Professional  Cleansing Mitts – pack of 4 £12


Should I concentrate?

We frequently get asked why we have concentrated versions of Age Repair Serum and Dynamic Defence so I have answered the most commonly asked questions to help you make that decision.  If you are ever unsure what is right for you, our therapists can always help.

Q – Why are there concentrated versions of Age Repair Serum & Dynamic Defence?

A – The concentrates are formulated with double the strength of many of the actives found in Age Repair Serum & Dynamic Defence, this allows your skin to acclimatise to cosmeceutical skincare then step up to extra strength  powerful  doses of actives for ultimate results on ageing skin. The concentrates also contain additional technologically advanced performance ingredients such as Line Factor ™, Renovage and Matrixyl 3000 peptide to address skin damage and promote a firmer, younger looking skin.  This process minimises the risk of reaction from the high levels of Vitamin A found in the concentrates. Vitamin A is revered as the best anti-ageing ingredient for the skin so I choose to use it in treatment doses for maximum results.

Q - I am new to Skinesis - can I start on the concentrates?

A – If you are new to high potency cosmeceutical skincare we advise to start with the introductory dose versions of both Age Repair Serum & Dynamic Defence and then progress to the concentrates.  These are also powerful skincare products that use tried and tested percentages of actives for visible results.  If you have been using high potency skincare or prescription vitamin A you can start on the concentrated versions.

Q - When do I know that I should be moving on to the concentrated version?

A – Use the concentrates if you are already using high potency skincare and you have visible signs of ageing and UV damage: loss of firmness and tone, uneven dark pigmentation and deep wrinkles. Alternatively start on the introductory level products and after 1 or 2 bottles if your skin is ‘happy’ you can move up to the concentrates. Our therapists are always here to advise if you have any personal questions.

Q - Does this mean that Age Repair Serum and Dynamic Defence are not effective?

A – As we age our skin responds to different actives at different strengths.   Both of these products are powerful skincare formulas, all actives are developed and tested in various percentages until an optimum bracket is achieved.  With all of our formulas we work within these guidelines to ensure you get the tried and tested clinical results.  When you feel the need for a greater result, it may be time to concentrate.

During August when you purchase Age Repair Concentrate or Dynamic Defence Concentrate from we will enclose a 5ml Overnight Facial with our compliments.


Sarah at the Audi Polo EventDuring this glorious weather I was absolutely delighted to attend the Audi Polo and party in Windsor courtesy of Boujis. My first ever polo match which was great fun, Prince Charles presenting the trophies and dancing the night away in the Boujis tent, hope next summer comes around soon!  Here is a picture of me wearing colour (not grey or taupe!)

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