Over a lifetime we will experience roughly 30,000 mornings. If you are lucky enough to be in the 10% of people that spring out of bed, then that is no big deal. But if you are in the other 90%, who feel sluggish, tired and generally bleugh, we are sure you’ll appreciate our guide to making early starts positively pleasurable.  These easy to do, feel good tips will boost energy and raise confidence (essential reading when a new poll shows women feel least attractive when they wake up…)

Sarah says ‘I specially formulated my morning products with energising aromas and feel good textures to fight sluggishness and fatigue.  But to amplify their effects I suggest making time for yoga, a healthy breakfast or some meditation.  I promise just a small time investment will reap big rewards.’

Morning Rituals - 5 ways to make your a.m. a lot more enjoyable:

1)      Get the Sleep Cycle app.
Choose a wake up time and this ‘app’ will wake you up in the 30 minutes leading up to your chosen wake time - when you are in the lightest phase of sleep.

2)      Make a protein rich breakfast.
It sends a signal to your brain that you are not starving so your body feels free to start burning calories.  Fitness and nutrition guru Louise Parker recommends eggs, Fat free yoghurt and berries or nuts. The perfect start to the day, when at home or on the go.

3)      Get Glowing With A Depuffing ‘Morning Facial' Massage
Using Skinesis jasmine & neroli scented Morning Facial to deliver both ‘slip’ and radiance boosting ingredients, take two minutes to do the ‘Sarah Chapman’ massage. Start with four fingers at the inner corners of the eyebrows and circle them out and round until they meet at the bridge of the nose. Use these four fingers again to zig zag left to right across your forehead. Pinch gently along the jaw line and then gently stroke the product down your neck. This will boost blood circulation and encourage the body’s expulsion of bloating toxins. Ta da, pillow face eliminated. You’re welcome!

4)      Beauty from the inside out.
Morning supplements are a fantastic daily boost. Skin nourishing Omegas and Vitamin A work to improve your immune system and protect your skin.

5)      Alkalise your system.
Sarah loves hot water and lemon or Elle Macpherson’s WelleCo The Super Elixir to neutralize ageing acids.