I am so excited to announce the arrival of my zit zapping, blemish beating, pimple purging ‘Spot Sticker.’ A true beauty breakthrough, the completely transparent transdermal patch is infused with highly efficacious ingredients which release over time to rapidly decongest, reduce redness and fast forward blemish recovery.  It prevents picking and squeezing, is suitable for all skins and comes in a chic handbag friendly wallet for easy ‘on the go’ spot defense.  Clear skin for all!



Scent-scational New Website

Perfume samples! Insider news on the latest launches! Scent making workshops and exquisite discovery boxes!  All of them come courtesy of the newly launched www.perfumesociety.org.   Created by beauty industry veterans Jo Fairley and Lorna McKay it encourages us all to explore the seductive, spirit-lifting world of scent.  Enjoy.

We asked Lorna how to buy the right perfume for you. Here are Lorna McKay’s Scent Shopping Tips:

  1. Understand the kind of perfume you usually wear - is it fresh/flowery/woody? Then try perfumes from the same family.
  2. It is essential to take time to enjoy the whole perfume ‘journey.’ For the first 10 minutes after spraying you will detect the lighter perfume notes.  Then you’ll enjoy the heart of the perfume coming through, followed finally by the longer lasting base notes.
  3. After spritzing never rub your wrists together. We say that ‘breaks the heart ‘of the perfume.



Calling All Beauty Entrepreneurs

Please come and say hello to me at Red magazine’s latest Network Event. I’ll be there with other industry innovators, Space NK’s Nicky Kinnaird and renowned chandler Rachel Vosper, to talk about just how we created our successful beauty brands.  It is on June 9th at London’s ICA and there will be a Q&A session lead by Red’s beauty director Annabel Meggeson. All attendees will receive an amazing goody bag. For details check out Red On Line (http://www.redonline.co.uk/red-women/red-events/how-to-launch-beauty-startups) or the June issue of Red.



Better Skin By Bank Holiday Monday


Stress shows up on our faces in blemishes, dryness and redness. Use the long break to counteract the complexion challenges of the office.

  1. Stress means sebaceous glands pump out more oil, which in turn clogs pores leading to spots. Enter our invisible Spot Sticker, which contains salicylic acid and P-Refinyl to decongest and diminish blemishes.
  2. Getting anxious can cause flushing which leads to redness.  Skinesis 3D Moisture Infusion mask uses soothing active ingredient Skinasensyl™ Tetrapeptide to brilliantly calm and cosset.
  3. Studies have shown stress increases transdermal water loss in the skin.  Our Intense Hydrating Booster is loaded with hyaluronic acid to help repair the skin’s barrier so moisture is locked in.