Happy New Year!

Following a very soggy December where most of us hibernated and over indulged on all the things we know we shouldn’t, it is only natural that this month we focus on internal and external cleansing.

At Skinesis we are addressing this for you.  Cleansing of your face (properly) can make such a huge difference so I am really encouraging all my clients to cleanse morning and evening every day. Incorporating some massage techniques or double cleansing in the evening will really brighten the skin and ensure that you get the best effects from your skincare products that follow.

Dirty pores full of make-up, dirt and sebum stretch and can damage, leaving open pores which are ageing and difficult to improve. There are around 20,000 pores on the human face so keep them clean!

To encourage you to focus on your cleansing we are adding a complimentary set of 4 Professional Cleansing Mitts to every order of Ultimate Cleanse 100ml during this month.  This gives you a professional facial feel to cleansing but also offers a gentle exfoliation as you remove your cleanser.



Internally I am focused on making sure that my diet is balanced and healthy with the addition of skin beneficial superfoods. The Beauty Bible girls have written a fabulous article on victoriahealth.com on Skin Superfoods. I have already swopped my builders tea for a cup of Green Tea!

If you need the ultimate help, look no further than The Detox Kitchen. A team of experts create and deliver a nutrient dense, delicious, well-balanced diet. They take away the stress of planning, shopping and cooking healthy meals. Simply select the package that is right for you, choose your start date and duration, and look forward to your first delivery of wholesome food. Every day chefs create your breakfast, lunch, dinner, pressed juice and snacks using fresh, seasonal ingredients. And then, while you're asleep, deliver to your door.

To help kick start a detox programme this month our friends at The Detox Kitchen are offering Sarah Chapman Skinesis customers 10% off their food packages. Use the code DKlove10 at the checkout to take advantage of this offer.

Towards the end of the month on the 24th January I have a brand show on QVC at 4pm – please tune in to see some new collections.  We have a great little discovery kit which is perfect if you are new to the range or if you have friends that you want to introduce to Skinesis.  I’ll be joined by Lisa, one of my dermal therapists who will be giving professional advice on application techniques – do tune in!

We have exciting plans for this year so keep in touch by Facebook, our newsletter or on twitter to keep up to date with latest news.