I received an urgent SOS phone call the other day from super model Erin O’Connor who runs the Model Sanctuary for worn out models to retreat too during London Fashion Week. Make-up, late nights, poor diets and long hours were showing on models faces and Erin needed some ‘skinh elp’.  We devised a Skinesis detox facial and raced to the emergency, setting up a pop up Skinesis therapy room in the Covent Garden town house.

The Model Sanctuary is a relaxing retreat in Covent Garden away from the stress of the catwalk for models to relax and have some pampering in between their hectic fashion week schedules. The constant application of make-up, long days and late nights can have such a damaging effect on models skin when they want to be looking their best. Our facials helped to give the models a deep cleanse and intense hydrating treatment to help boost the skin and fend off problem skin during one of the most stressful times of the fashion calendar.

It’s such an honour to have been part of this project, the stress that models can feel during intense shows can be overwhelming and the model sanctuary isn’t just about pampering but tackles some of the serious issues and pressures models face in the fashion industry every day.

All in all a very glamorous and productive week for us here and we’re already looking forward to next year!