With the sky heavy with clouds and continuing weather uncertainty, you could be forgiven for thinking we have skipped summer altogether, not to mention the endless wardrobe dilemmas as to what on earth to wear! Too muggy for tights but not enough sun to feel leg confident, well get ready for your mornings to be that bit simpler.


The latest edition to ‘Sarah’s Edit’ at Sarah Chapman London is nothing short of a British summer saviour! Heralded as ‘lingerie for legs’, this stocking sheer aerated jelly-cream provides skin perfection for your pins with a touch of sun kissed pigment, whilst enlivening fatigued limbs with a powerful Pro-Contour and LegActif formula.



If that wasn’t enough the heavenly citrus scent transports you straight to the sun drenched lemon groves of Capri, and with weather like ours, we’re never leaving home without it!lemon