Great skin first thing is high on all my clients’ wishlists.  They often ask me how I get glowing in the morning.  I am a great advocate of layering my skincare, for a truly bespoke approach, depending on my skin condition day to day. Here are the secrets to my success.

1) Morning cleansing is a quick start to clear, radiant skin. I always use my Ultimate Cleanse, which works deep into pores to remove the skin congesting sebum and toxins that were secreted overnight. This deep clean preps my skin for further products, leaving it soft, smooth and ready to face the day. I have also been using my lab samples of Rapid Radiance Cleanse (just launched!) for a more energising cleanse.

2) I supercharge the effects of cleansing with massage, really working to boost circulation and increase radiance. I always use a warm Cleansing Mitt to remove any traces of cleanser and for a gentle radiance revealing exfoliation.

3) I apply my incredible Stem Cell Collagen Activator to stop the ageing process and give the skin incredible plumpness and smoothness.

4) I follow this with my Age-Repair Concentrate (for a more concentrated boost of Vitamin A).  An anti ageing powerhouse, it combats fine lines, pigmentation and dehydration with potent levels of active ingredients.  It plumps, primes and perfects the skin.

5) I get dressed then apply Dynamic Defence SPF 15.   It acts to seal in the potent Age-Repair Concentrate and delivers its own supercharged shot of Vitamins A and C, antioxidants and a broad-spectrum sunscreen. It ensures the skin is perfectly hydrated and that the skin’s barrier is functioning optimally in order to keep essential nutrients in and environmental nasties out.

6) Finally I apply a drop of Morning Facial for instant radiance and glow and all day long skin nourishment.  It is a brilliantly versatile product that some clients use instead of moisturiser, under or over moisturiser or some throughout the day as a pick me up.  I use it for my last step as it gives me that great dewy looking post facial skin and is the best primer for make-up I’ve ever found!

Products featured
Ultimate Cleanse
Rapid Radiance Cleanse
Cleansing Mitt
Stem Cell Collagen Activator
Age-Repair Concentrate
Dynamic Defence SPF 15
Morning Facial