Skin pick-me-up
If you overindulge this party season, sleep too little and stress too much, masks are a fabulous skin pick-me-up. For an intensive at-home skin treatment, honey and banana masks are the perfect quick fix from your fridge. Honey is a natural humectant so it is great for attracting and holding moisture, it’s also an antiseptic which is ideal for a compromised skin barrier and combating breakouts when you get dry.

Hydration, hydration, hydration 
Make sure you increase your water intake if you haven’t already, skin becomes really dehydrated when exposed to central heating and the harsh winter elements making it appear dull, lifeless and stressed. For an extra boost use a mask treatment like my 3D Moisture Infusion for intensive plumping, soothing and hydrating, keep it in the fridge for extra refreshment!

Around the clock glow
Apply a few drops of Morning Facial to energise and plump the skin, creating the perfect base for party fresh make-up and an instant glow. To prepare for the next party make sure you slather on Overnight Facial as you fall into bed - 8 hours sleep in a bottle to defy the signs of tiredness.

Calm & detoxify
If you have eaten one too many mince pies, drink a cup of peppermint tea which is known for its potent healing and calming properties. Not only can it help to aid digestion, relieve stress, treat headaches, but it is seriously good for the skin too.

Party ready radiance
Home massage is the perfect way to perk up your skin and restore a healthy ‘party ready’ glow. There are a few simple techniques you can try such as holding your fists in loose knuckles and rolling over the cheeks and performing light tapping and drumming of the fingertips around the contours of the eyes to encourage drainage and boost circulation. If you’re short on time then try using my Facialift massager, you’ll be amazed how revitalised your skin will look after just a couple of minutes. I would also recommend my Instant Miracle Mask, apply, relax and unveil a new fresher looking skin with a lifted, more radiant appearance.