"The clocks are changing this week, but your skin does not need to suffer from the loss of sleep. My revolutionary Overnight Facial Supplement, expertly blended with 23 micro-nutrients, will help restore your youthful glow and leave you looking and feeling revived and radiant."Sarah Signature

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Created with pharmaceutical expert Shabir Daya MRPharmS, Sarah’s carefully curated Overnight Facial Supplement encourages our natural cycle of repair and rejuvenation, supporting the skin from within during its most active phase of cell renewal; at night. This breakthrough blend of active vitamins, minerals, natural antioxidants, co-enzymes and essential omega oils, delivers brighter, plumper, more resilient skin.

A dual action approach with 23 skin nourishing micro-nutrients (suitable for vegetarians):

Optimise your skin:
• Vitamins D3, A, E and Flax Seed Oil boost overall skin quality
• Sea Buckthorn and Hyaluronic Acid plump and hydrate
• Choline and Silica increase collagen, skin density and firmness
• Lycopene and Vitamin C fight wrinkles
• Lutein, Co-Enzyme Q10, Resveratrol and Selenium battle skin damaging free radicals
• Zinc accelerates cell renewal and repair
• Black Pepper stimulates the metabolic rate to ensure rapid absorption

Supercharge your sleep:

Lavender, Hops, Vitamin B6 and Magnesium help increase the rejuvenating quality of your slumber, aid relaxation and reduce fatigue.


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