Sarah’s flagship store provides an interactive experience, with product discovery, skin diagnostics and transformative micro-treatments.

Situated in a calm enclave behind London’s Sloane Square, Sarah’s flagship Skinesis boutique and clinic takes her innovation in skincare to the next level. 

The boutique was awarded “Most Innovative Retailer” by Women’s Health magazine 2015.


Promising instant results in just 20 minutes, Sarah’s skin-transforming, advanced clinical micro-treatments achieve our signature Skinesis glow in double-quick time.

The Theory Bar:

Our own in-house lab: here, our Skinesis skin experts host masterclass sessions in the practical art of skincare, explaining Sarah’s unique signature massage and application methods. 

We want the client to become the expert, providing them with skills to take home to use every day. 

“If the clinic is where the magic happens, this is where you learn the magic,” says Sarah. “The Theory Bar is the base of all our work with your skin.  Sit, mix, apply, try – stay for as long as you wish and learn what suits you best!” 

Discovery Zone:

An educational space with video tutorials by Sarah. “Learn how to recreate our glow at home. Learn what suits you best and when – our skin’s needs change not just throughout the year but from week to week. Getting to know your skin is the foundation of the Skinesis glow.”

“The ‘apple’ store of skincare, modern, interactive, informative.”

Image Hub:

Our state-of-the-art Visia® Skin Scanner allows our skin experts to understand your skin in microscopic detail, including any sun damage, pigmentation and fine lines. This in-depth assessment enables us to prescribe a personalised treatment and homecare programme. Please visit us for a complimentary consultation. 

The Skin-Glow LED Light Pod:

Our futuristic, discreet ‘light pod’ offers LED light therapy, giving customers glowing, radiant skin in just 20 minutes. 

“Sarah Chapman’s shiny new Sloane Square Skinesis Clinic is a one-stop shop for all things perfect skin, even if you only have a few minutes to spare. Downstairs, nestled between bottles of her cult lotions and potions, customers will find the Express LED Light Pod – a drop-in pit stop for those after a quick fix without an appointment.”

Our Skin-Glow LED Light Pod is hugely popular with clients for skin rejuvenation or treating acne and breakouts. Non-invasive red LED rejuvenates and heals the skin, while near infra-red increases cell energy and collagen production to counteract ageing and skin damage, and anti-bacterial blue LED helps acne-prone skin. 

Described by Vogue as ‘a futuristic haven offering light treatment for instantly glowing skin’, this innovative light technology delivers red, blue and near-infrared light to brighten, firm and clear the skin for a photo-ready complexion. (30min) £40

How to find us:

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Clinic is located at 259 Pavilion Road, London, SW1X 0BP, which is a quick two-minute walk from Sloane Square station (District and Circle lines), beside Peter Jones. Taxis and buses are easily accessible.

Boutique opening times:

Monday to Friday: 10:00 – 19:00

Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00

Sunday: 11:00 – 17:00