Cleansing Cushions

80 luxury cotton pads
These 100% cotton cleansing cushions feature a unique finger pouch for easy application of your liquid exfoliant, eye make-up remover or cleanser.

These pillow-soft cleansing pads ensure gentle but effective delivery of your cleanser, make-up remover or liquid exfoliator. 

Layers of plush, highly absorbent cotton delicately sweep your chosen skincare formulas across the face, neck and eye area. Featuring an easy-to-hold, ergonomic finger pocket for improved dexterity and hygiene, each padded cushion elevates your skincare ritual and ensures an effective cleanse.

Gentle removal of all make-up, dirt and grime. Effective application of liquid exfoliators. An ultra-soft feel against the skin and an enhanced, ergonomic skincare experience.
Top Tips
Face Fact
100% cotton
How to Apply
Slot the pouch over your first two fingers, saturate with appropriate product, then sweep over the face or eyes to remove cleanser, make-up and grime.
Sarah Says
"Dirt on your hands and residue from your skincare can contribute to a build-up of impurities on the surface on the skin. My ultra-soft, luxury cleansing cushions provide the most effective delivery of your skincare formula to the skin, ensuring all traces of your cleanser or exfoliant are thoroughly removed."

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