The Powerlift

Facial massage device
Lift, sculpt and energise with our innovative Powerlift facial massage device, using micro-vibration massage to enhance your skin’s circulation and metabolism for an incredible, radiant glow and sculpted contours.
This intelligent massage device will take your daily at-home facial to the next level. The sophisticated, chrome-plated tool uses micro-vibration to enhance your homecare routine by sculpting, lifting and energising the skin for noticeable long-term results. Regular use encourages blood flow and re-energises the lymphatic system to rid your complexion of toxins and de-puff for a radiant post-facial glow.
Invigorates and energises your complexion for a post-facial glow. Contours appear lifted and sculpted as muscular tension is released.
Top Tips
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How to Apply

Apply Overnight Facial to the skin and follow with The Powerlift massage routine:

Step 1: Starting at the base of your collarbone, gently apply pressure and move in an upward, lifting movement towards the jaw. Hold on your jaw for 3-5 seconds, release then repeat in upward strokes towards the sides of the neck. Repeat 3 times, then repeat series on the other side.

Step 2: Lift and move upward in a semicircle from the centre of the chin lifting the corners of the mouth and hold. Release and sweep from the corner of the mouth under the cheekbone to the ear and hold. Ensure to hold at the end of each stroke. Repeat 3 times, then repeat series on the other side.

Step 3: Apply gentle pressure under your eye, sweep out to temple and hold. Repeat 3 times, then repeat series on the other side.

Step 4: Starting from between your eyebrows, firmly push and lift up to your hairline and hold. Lift under the brow, then push up to the hairline and hold for 2 seconds. Repeat along the brow lifting the eyelid and brows. Repeat series on the other side. You should notice your skin starting to flush due to the increased circulation and activity.

Sarah Says
“I created this smart micro-vibration device to step-up your Skinesis home facial by incorporating the benefits of massage. Massage has a significant impact on improving the condition of your skin by encouraging lymphatic drainage, boosting blood flow and reducing muscular tension. For maximum results, use for 5-15 minutes every day.”

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