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Article: Is It Time To Switch To A Concentrate?

Is It Time To Switch To A Concentrate? - Sarah Chapman

Is It Time To Switch To A Concentrate?

The skincare universe abounds with product types, each claiming its own benefits and ingredient concentrations, so it can be confusing and overwhelming to understand where to start or when to upgrade an existing routine. Today, we’re delving into the world of concentrates – a mystifying category that deserves a closer look – to give you better control of your skincare journey and make the right decisions. Remember: skin changes constantly, so what’s worked before may not be right for now.

What is a concentrate?

As its name suggests, a concentrate falls within the group of products enriched with higher concentrations of active ingredients (the heroes of any skincare routine) than regular serums and moisturisers. This means it offers faster and more potent results – but the question remains: is it right for your current skin conditions? Let’s find out.

When should you make the switch?

Within the Sarah Chapman Skinesis line, you can find concentrated versions of two hero formulas: Age-Repair Serum and Dynamic Defence SPF15 Moisturiser. As stated before, the key difference between the original products and their Concentrate counterparts lies in the active ingredient dosage. 

Age-Repair Concentrate, for instance, has a double dose of vitamins A, C and E, making it more suitable for mature skin that’s already used to these actives and can tolerate them without developing irritation. Lauded by scientists and therapists alike for their rejuvenating and plumping powers, these ingredients are ideal for treating obvious signs of ageing, including pronounced fine lines, wrinkles and dark pigmentation. New to de-ageing skincare? Then you’ll want to stick with the original formulation to see how your skin reacts, especially if you suffer from sensitivity or have never used vitamin A derivatives before.

 The same can be said about our Dynamic Defence Concentrate SPF 15 Moisturiser. Building upon its predecessor’s age-defying combination of vitamin A, peptides and skin-protecting actives, it’s been developed for those with visible signs of ageing – from deep-set wrinkles and pigmentation spots to significant lack of firmness and elasticity. So, if you’ve only just started your de-ageing regime, wait until you’ve built a good tolerance to these actives before introducing stronger formulas.


Key takeaways

• Concentrates have higher doses of active ingredients than standard serums and moisturisers.
• They’re ideal for those seeking more potent results.
• Always start with lower concentrations of powerful actives like vitamins A and C to build the skin’s tolerance before switching to supercharged versions.

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