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Article: What Makes a Good SPF?

What Makes a Good SPF? - Sarah Chapman

What Makes a Good SPF?

Every day, no matter what the weather, I recommend using an SPF to protect against environmental damage. It is without doubt that UV radiation is the primary cause of collagen breakdown, hyperpigmentation and general accelerated ageing of the skin. (Even if you're inside all day, as ageing UVA rays can penetrate glass.) But how to choose a good SPF formula? Here are four key factors to look for.

Broad spectrum

If a formula has broad-spectrum protection, this ensures it will shield against both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays make up 95% of UV radiation, and are responsible for premature skin ageing; UVB rays are most harmful in the summer and can cause inflammation and eventual sunburn.

Blue light protection

In our modern world, we also need to shield skin from the damaging effects of infra-red and blue light. We are all using digital devices more than ever – these screens emit blue HEV (High Energy Visible) light which, as more and more studies are revealing, can cause the same damage to the skin as UV rays. My Skin Insurance formulas contain Celligent®, which provides protection against blue light, as well as enabling rapid repair from UV-related cellular and DNA damage.


A good daily SPF will also feature actives that support skin’s overall health and protection from the environment, such as antioxidants. My Skin Insurance formulas are concentrated with a pioneering antioxidant called PhytoCellTec™ Solar Vitis – this active, based on stem cells from a rare red grape, protects the skin stem cells responsible for repair, as well as neutralising free radicals generated by UV radiation.

A texture you’ll actually use!

Finally, if you are going to be consistent with your SPF, you need to find a formula that you'll look forward to applying every morning; it needs to complement your routine. I developed my Skin Insurance range to have ultra-blendable, featherweight textures, with optical-diffusing technology to subtly enhance the skin, so they work beautifully on both make-up and no make-up days.

I hope this helps you stay safe in the sun!


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