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Article: EXCLUSIVE: Inside The Launch Of Our New Range

EXCLUSIVE: Inside The Launch Of Our New Range

EXCLUSIVE: Inside The Launch Of Our New Range

To celebrate the long-awaited launch of our new Sarah Chapman Clinic range, we hosted a delectable breakfast of biomimetic and bioavailable treats and synergistic refreshments at the Clinic that inspired it all. 

Dressed up in their finest lab coats, guests were treated to an exclusive talk and Q&A session with our founder and product formulator, Sarah Chapman, who shared the secrets behind the innovative solutions and the cutting-edge technology at the heart of the collection. 

In Sarah's own words:                                                 

My new TTS³ technology will have you rethinking everything you thought you knew about powerful, ingredient-driven skincare."

Just What The (Skin) Doctor Ordered

 After an enlightening (and delicious) introduction to TTS³'s bioavailable deep delivery, biomimetic lamellar emulsion and powerful ingredient synergy, a second surprise awaited all attendees: personalised skincare prescription bags, ready to be picked up at our colourful pop-up stand.

Completed with key skincare tips (like wearing SPF daily, especially when using retinoids), the gift bags opened to reveal our three new streamlined solutions: the rejuvenating A1 Vitamin A Power 1 serum, the brightening C1 Vitamin C Power 1 serum and the soothing and barrier-fortifying R&R Glow recovery cream. All powered by our advanced TTS³ technology.

Our Clinic's expert therapists were also on hand to offer bespoke advice and guidance with 1:1 consultations, ensuring maximum results from the two targeted serums and the lightweight hydro-balm. 

To see more highlights from our exclusive launch event, read on. 

(Some Of) Our Favourite Moments

Our chic, experimental breakfast table 

Sarah and our guests discussing all things Clinic

Malena Harbers (Net-a-Porter), Clare Goodwin (CGC), Ruby Hammer (Ruby Hammer Beauty)

Our delectable, nutrient-rich menu

Lily Worcester, Jenn George (Times Luxury)

Yasmin Salmon and Katie Daisy

Sarah and Katie Daisy

Sarah and Alessandra Steinherr 

 Our surprise skincare prescription bags

Fleur De Force, Sarah and Tijan Serena

Sarah and Ruby Hammer

Sarah and Emily Tierney

Our refreshingly synergistic drinks
Our Boutique Manager Kelly explaining the superior benefits of our new range
Sarah and Holly Anna Scarsella
Sarah and Lauren Murdoch-Smith (Vogue)

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