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Article: Introducing Sarah Chapman Clinic | Powered By TTS³

Introducing Sarah Chapman Clinic | Powered By TTS³

Introducing Sarah Chapman Clinic | Powered By TTS³

When I launched Skinesis in 2008, I did it to push skincare forward and offer the most effective at-home solutions to my clients; solutions that would address the real skin concerns I was seeing in my clinic every day.

15 years later, my mission remains the same.

After noticing more and more clients coming into my clinic with compromised skin barriers – often due to the misuse or overuse of strong actives, encouraged by a desire to shop by ingredient and mix these active products – I knew I had to find a simpler, more effective and safer way of providing the results they wanted without damaging the skin. And so the idea for my new Clinic line – and its unique TTS³ technology – was born.

Combining advanced bioavailable delivery adapted from medicine with biomimetic technology (one that mirrors the natural processes and structure of the skin) and unique ingredient synergy, my team and I have been able to optimise the performance of the active ingredients I know and trust – actives like Vitamin A (retinoids), Vitamin C and Ceramides – while protecting and fortifying the skin barrier, the basis of a healthy glow. 

The result of this unique formula architecture? 

Two moderate-strength serums – A1 Vitamin A Power 1 and C1 Vitamin C Power 1 – and a powerfully soothing barrier recovery cream, R&R Glow. And this is just the first drop; there’s more power to come.

Together, these new streamlined solutions will help you boost your skin’s appearance, health and resilience, all while blending seamlessly with your current Skinesis essentials.

The science behind these new formulas may be complex, but your journey to glowing skin will be anything but.

We call it intelligent simplicity.


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Your Skin's Rewind Button | NEW A1 Serum

Your Skin's Rewind Button | NEW A1 Serum

Retinoids, but better. Discover the advanced technology and clinically proven actives that supercharge our new A1 Vitamin A Power 1 serum. Powered by TTS³.

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